Terms & Conditions

When booking an appointment you will agree to Many Faces Beauty Therapy Clinic’s Terms + Conditions.

We understand the difficulty involved in attending appointments occasionally, however it is essential for us to uphold the below policies in the interest of our locally owned Clinic.

We appreciate your understanding.


Cancelling on the day of your scheduled appointment, results in a $25 charge of your booking.

Any outstanding fee will need to be settled strictly within 14 days. Failure to do so will result in being unable to reschedule.

To avoid being charged when cancelling, we recommend that clients notify us at the time of receiving their confirmation message. This is 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Re-offending clients will have to prepay future appointments.

Failing to confirm attendance will result in your appointment being cancelled. We must receive confirmation by our automated system; replying ‘yes’ to your confirmation message sent 24 hours prior, shall confirm your position.

We will attempt to contact clients three times before cancelling appointments if there is no confirmation. If we do not hear by the end of the business day, prior to the scheduled time, it will be cancelled.

Many Faces reserves the right to cancel any future appointments as necessary.


Running late to your appointment puts stress on our Therapist’s schedule. Please notify us as soon as possible to see if we can accommodate.

If your appointment has to be rescheduled because we are unable to fit you in, this is recognised as a no show & the following charges will apply.

If your Therapist decides they can see you, but has to reduce treatment to prevent interrupting other client appointments, the original charge will still apply.

It is not acceptable to show up late & to ask for a reduced treatment, while excepting to be charged for the lesser time.

Booking in for a particular service & then changing your mind as to what service you require is not acceptable. We designate the correct time for each client, if you request for a lesser treatment the original booking will be charged. If you request for additional treatments, please discuss with your therapist to see if this can be accommodated.

Letting us know ahead of time if there is a possibility of needing to reschedule is much appreciated. It is likely we can accommodate moving you to a more appropriate time if several days’ notice is given.

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure we have correct contact details when booking. Please provide us with more than one contact number if your regular contact is often unattended.

If you act in any way that is abusive towards employees, we have the right to deny service & to ask clients to leave the premises.

We do our best to accommodate last minute changes, however because of the demand on our Therapists we only provide a tight window for genuine circumstances. If the booking policy is not suitable, we advise not going ahead with the booking.


All Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Please note we do not offer refunds on Gift Vouchers.

Many Faces Beauty Therapy Clinic gift vouchers cannot be used on Cosmetic Injections with Jessica Maggs or Juan Romero


We kindly ask that you turn your mobile phone to silent whilst in the clinic.


Sadly we are not able to accommodate babies, toddlers or young children for Insurance and OHS reasons. We write this with the utmost respect to the parents in our Clinic. Children/babies who visit the Clinic during their parents’ appointments pose an occupational health and safety issue to our staff & clients. We work in an environment that has sharps, razors, chemicals, lasers & hot wax. We encourage parents to visit the clinic without their children, please understand that our concern is the safety of your child and our client’s well-being. We write this without the intent of offending or upsetting our lovely parent clientele, and hope that you will aid us in keeping our clinic a safe environment. Please contact us if you have concerns or questions about our new policy.