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Get Luminous Glowing Skin


Intraceuticals Collection for a luminous complexion …

Multi-layering formula targets the deeper layers of skin to hydrate, replenish, lighten, brighten and clarify

REJUVENATE – for deep hydration

OPULENCE – for lightening & brightening

CLARITY – for acneic & blemish-prone skin

ATOXYLENE – for fine lines & wrinkles

There’s no better endorsement than the genuine feedback of a celebrity – after all their careers are based upon the way they look… And we have hundreds of A-Lister celebrities who rave about Intraceuticals products… because they work.

In fact, many celebrity make-up artists have discovered the power Intraceuticals Oxygen facials to help give their clients radiant, plump and smooth skin over which makeup glides like a dream.

For over 6 years, we have been recommending Intraceuticals oxygen facials and skin care products to improve skin health and hydration as well as eradicate hyper-sensitivity, Rosacea, acne, breakouts, and many other unwanted skin problems.

We use Intraceuticals… our clients use Intraceuticals… hundreds of beautiful A-Lister celebrities use Intraceuticals… so should you.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy Facials…

Can be a breath of fresh air for your skin…

Life in a dry climate, under an almost-always bright sun, takes its toll on your skin…

An Oxygen Facial infuses hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins and antioxidants into the skin through a therapeutic hyperbaric oxygenating machine. The oxygen treatment reduces breakouts and improves the appearances of fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation.

The Intraceuticals Oxygen treatment and supporting skin care products together comprise much more than a beauty regime… they are vital in maintaining healthy skin…

When antioxidants are depleted from the skin by environmental stresses, it takes the body several days to replenish them. Intraceuticals products supply those anti-oxidants to help keep skin healthy.

When applied, it takes just a few hours for the skin to absorb the antioxidants, giving it the protection it needs from free radicals.

Visit us for a complimentary skin consultation to see how we can help you or phone 03 56223335 or BOOK ONLINE And relax, you’re at the right place.

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