Relaxation & Result Facial Treatments

Indulge in the ultimate revitalization with our Express Custom treatment – the ideal choice for both first-time visitors and those seeking a refreshing maintenance facial. Crafted to provide your skin with a tailored blend of potent actives, this treatment is designed to amplify your natural radiance and uphold the results you've already achieved.

$115 | 40 min

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Elevate your skincare experience with our signature Custom Facial, a meticulously crafted rejuvenating treatment designed to address your skin's needs at a profound level. Tailored to your unique requirements, this transformative experience enhances cellular vitality, improves tone, refines texture, and fortifies the structural integrity of your skin. As a special addition, this treatment includes an LED session, providing further benefits such as anti-aging effects, improved healing, and a radiant complexion. Immerse yourself in this holistic journey for skin that not only looks revitalized but also feels deeply nourished.

$155  | 1 hour

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Indulge in the ultimate skin and relaxation experience with our Ginger&Me Mindfulness facial.

The 60-minute treatment goes beyond traditional skincare, incorporating a soothing massage and aromatherapy to enhance your well-being. As you enjoy a rejuvenating mask, immerse yourself in a 12-minute mindfulness/meditation session with headphones, ensuring deep relaxation and leaving you in the best state of mind.

The 90-minute experience is elevated with the addition of a corrective peel and LED light therapy, delivering a radiant skin result. Perfect for all skin types, this comprehensive treatment combines relaxation and skincare for a truly rejuvenating and glowing experience.

$145  | 60 min
$185 | 90 min

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Experience the focused efficacy of Ginger&Me Clinical Treatments, purposely crafted without Mindfulness Meditation Sessions. Ideal for those seeking a convenient and results-driven skin boost, these treatments are tailored for guests with limited time who prioritize tangible skin improvements. Whether enjoyed as a one-off indulgence or as a weekly regimen spanning 4-8 weeks, the versatility of these Clinical Treatments adapts to your unique skin concerns.


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LED therapy is a versatile and effective treatment for various skin concerns. Here's a breakdown of how LED is utilized to address specific issues:

Pigmented Age Spots: LED therapy can help reduce the appearance of pigmented age spots by targeting melanin production and promoting a more even skin tone.

Inflammation and Redness: The anti-inflammatory properties of LED light make it effective in reducing redness and inflammation associated with conditions such as rosacea and general skin sensitivity.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles: LED stimulates collagen production, which can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a smoother and more youthful complexion.

Acne and Breakouts: Blue LED light specifically targets acne-causing bacteria, helping to reduce breakouts and improve overall skin clarity. Red LED light can also assist in reducing inflammation associated with acne.

Rosacea: LED therapy, particularly with anti-inflammatory properties, can be beneficial for managing the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea.

Psoriasis: LED light can contribute to reducing inflammation and promoting healing, potentially providing relief for individuals with psoriasis.

Cold Sores: LED therapy may help in the healing process of cold sores by reducing inflammation and promoting skin repair.

Additional Fine Lines and Wrinkles: The collagen-stimulating effects of LED contribute to the overall improvement of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

LED therapy is a non-invasive and safe treatment option that can be integrated into skincare routines for various concerns. It's important to consult with a skincare professional to determine the most suitable parameters for addressing specific skin issues.
LED Stand Alone Treatment $60
20 minute LED Session only- Will be given Cleanser & SPF to apply yourself. 
LED Facial Treatment   $80
Includes cleanse, exfoliation, 20 minute LED treatment, corrective serum and SPF application

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